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Interesting features to look for in the SimCity Buildit game
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Games which come under the simulation category are fascinating and are good brain teasers. Those of you who would love to create something useful will find such games to be more and more attractive as you continue playing. These games give you that priceless feel of completing some critical task successfully. It is the USP of these games and attracts the users to create something in the world of virtual reality. One such game is SimCity Buildit where you get the chance to build a city with your planning and according to your choices. Moreover, you can run your town or city by yourself, catering to the needs of, the “SimCitizens.” You feel like an actual mayor, as they call every player in SimCity.

Make your dream city as you like

The process of building up the city is very challenging, no less than maintaining it. You have to keep in mind various factors that would come in your way. They can be reduced space, ensuring a healthier environment and more easy availability of modes of communication. Building up the city is a thing that most game lovers like you find very appealing and interesting. You can create the best of cities by some methods as under:

1.    You can give your city your innovative structure. The uniqueness that your city might have after you incorporate this layout may be all the more appealing.

2.    If you choose structure choices already given in the game settings, you can create interesting city plans with that too. For instance, square patterns, with quadrilateral-like roads lined with shops and banks would look no less appealing.

3.    There is the scope for making your town more attractive, by placing, say, a fountain on the intersection of four roads. 

Your Virtual City Is Purer and Healthier

You can make your city an ideal one for the citizens to reside in it. SimCity gives you the scope to incorporate features into the virtual city that you think would make up an ideal one.

1.    You can install industries in your city that will push the SimCity economy further. You can build an iron ore industry or a coal industry or any other industry which you find helpful. It will make your virtual SimCity economy shine brighter.

2.    You can make separate zones for disposing of dirt to keep your cities cleaner. You can make use of more cash with simcity buildit hack to install certain cleanliness facilities too.

3.    You can place wind farms in your city which will supply you with pure, clean energy. There wouldn’t be any carbon footprint, and it would look more attractive too.

The Look and The Feel

The look of it is what gives you goose bumps. It seems just like a real city. With everything, from flyovers to railways stations to grocery stores to the sea-line by the skyscrapers, it’s a spectacular thing to look at.

1.    There are all the amenities that any city will have. Starting from plumbing stations to power stations to restaurants, you have everything that you see around you. The most interesting thing is that it looks exactly like what you see in reality.

2.    There are amusement parks, entertainment zones, shopping malls and any other places that you regard as ideal hang-out zones.

A must for your Android phone game-list

These are some of the exciting features that would urge you to stick to this simulation genre classic game. There have been numerous game versions, with improved features in each version. The features incorporate the latest developments in town planning. So this game seems all the more impressive to an increased number of gamers. There are yet many other features which enhance its appeal further. So it is one of those games that you would always want to download to your new mobile.

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